Logistics Solution

Redbat logistics and transport industry solution for the modern logistics industry characteristics (such as vehicles, continuous operation time is long, wide running area, complex variable road conditions, security risks and more incidents and large losses) and design.

To avoid any staff during transport occupants fatigue driving, illegal driving, speeding, overloading driving, get out, private and other dangerous goods or pull violations, running through the whole process of vehicle information management and information processing, real-time control dynamics of vehicles and occupants for speeding, fatigue driving and other dangerous situations and given the mandatory warning information processing, timely understanding of the full realisation of the vehicle location, status, understand the logistics and transport vehicles in the way of calling records, whether or not speeding, there are fatigue-free driving, driving acts and norms, if there is an accident, you can also check details of the vehicle when the accident occurred parameters.

Passenger Bus Solution

Redbat class passenger terminal is mainly used in public transport passenger, long-distance passenger transport, passenger travel and other industries, in the Redbat platform to use. Characteristics of the passenger terminal class R & D and manufacture of fully reflects the needs of industry applications and management, safety for all industries, high technology production prompted a strong guarantee for the construction industry contributed the information.

Redbat Bus industry to provide information products to the automatic scheduling, site management (the more points, the stagnation point, etc.), security management (speeding, over the scope of emergency treatment), global control, multimedia publishing, electronic stop sign, fuel management, automatic reporting statistics.

Personal Vehicle Solution

Redbat GPS Personal Vehicle Safeguard solution employed global positioning technology, GSM/GPRS telecom technology, GIS electronic map technology, vehicle anti-theft technology, remote control technology to accomplish the security and safety of private cars.The system provides 24-hour professional anti-theft alarm service. When receiving the alarm signal from the vehicle, the system forward the alarm to the the police after the alarm was confirmed. The real location of the vehicle can be accurately positioned by GPS, when a further remote control signal would be delivered to lock the car.

Through this, the stolen car can be easily get back by police under the assistance of our system, Global positioning, tracking, in-vehicle phone, anti-theft, trip record analysis, vehicle location inquiry through cell phone and website, navigation, zone management provide the rescue service, mobile information service, financial insurance agency, annual survey agency, and vehicle documentation agency

Special Vehicle Solution

With the GPS in public transport vehicles Supervision and Control to promote the field of application, GPS products have penetrated into the industry special vehicle applications, in order to achieve real-time monitoring of the special vehicles, resource scheduling, command and deployment, driving safety, running routes of administration. For special industries and broad and complex application environment, industry regulations and application requirements are totally different and so Redbat GPS products specialized for design, complete the application according to special characteristics of the industry targeted development of products, widely used in current products Special industry in the national vehicle security, monitoring, scheduling, command, management and other fields, such as ambulance dispatch market ,Redbat GPS products account for a large trade advantage.

Taxi Solution

Redbat taxi scheduling management system is Redbat the most characteristic one of the industry application solutions. The solution, mainly through scientific means to achieve the scheduling operation and management operations on the leased vehicle safety monitoring, operation and management, on-call scheduling, driving record, information services, complaints management and other services.

Real-time monitoring by management, optimize resource scheduling, greatly enhance the safety factor of rental car operations, reduce emptied driving, reduced fuel consumption, thus significantly improving the urban situation of road traffic congestion and reduce vehicle exhaust pollution from urban, comprehensive information to improve the level of the city, for the sustainable development of cities offer better conditions and foundation; will improve the operation of commercial vehicles rental income, reduce the intensity of the Division's work; the same time, reducing the company's operating costs, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Construction Vehicle Solutions

Main features: position monitoring anti-theft mobile anti-demolition cross remote locking alarm accumulative working time monitoring of engine oil temperature oil temperature of hydraulic oil pressure alarm monitoring other computer analysis of various statistical parameters monitoring report telemetry: the physical location of test object, measuring equipment, working conditions, workload measurement equipment.



Redbat logistics and transport industry solution for the modern logistics industry characteristics and design.



Web Tracking

Now you can check GPS tracking system from a laptop and have the data delivered, via Internet, right to your own computer.


Mobile Tracking

Easiest way to get driving directions while commuting.